Пока есть ты

All of my life I needed to belong
play the game pretending to be strong
but I'll learn, I'll learn to live my life anew
as long as there is you
all the time
I'll be fine
I'm no longer like a child
who's always stood apart
hiding dreams of love within my heart
for at last those dreams can all come true
as long as there is you

I'll survive
I'm alive
gone are all those wasted years
regretting all the things that I'm not
now I'm grateful for the things I've got
it means a lot to know know know this love of ours will last
all my fears will fade into the past
come what may, I know I'll see it through
as long as there is you

Oh yeah baby.

(Sé que el mar
Es mucho más azul
cuando estás aquí conmigo tu
y también caliente más el sol, el sol
estando así los dos)

Oh yeah baby.
Oh yeah baby.

All I need is to belong
now I know that I'm not so strong, baby

I will learn to live my life anew
as long as there is you

I'll regret the things I'm not
yeah and I'll be grateful, grateful for what I've got..

Tags: Песня американская
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