Персидская песня "Simin Bari"

Your face is like silver and your body like a flower
You are more beautiful than flowers and the moon
You are full of magic like a fairy
I am crazy for you what else do you want from me?
I am wandering around you, you haven't heard anything from me?
Your face is more beautiful than roses
Why are your eyes filled with sorrow
Whose love is your hearth burning with
Love does not have neither order nor remedy nor cure
Every night when the moon appears in the sky loping
I tell this hidden secret
About what you did to me
And what you did to my heart
Time is cure for all sorrows...
Be patient and believe in this love
Stay strong as my heart is
Your love will find remedy
You are my life and you are my sweetheart
You are a myth in charm
But you act as if I am a stranger
Why do you want me crazy?, you the disaster to the all hearts!
Why do you want me hurt? You beautiful flower!
Tags: Иранская песня
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