Люби меня!

Do love me

I'm writing you because I need to
it's five o'clock and dawning too
The only thing that is left standing
in this deserted world it's you
What should I do with their vile honours
all the melodramatic babble
In the old silver screen my mind has
just paper images of scrabble
Do love me do, much as you can do love me do
Upon looking into the mirror
I see a face that's quite well known
and ugliness might as well vanish
if I just wash and shave alone
My smoking breath is stinking badly
my mind from all the things so wry
a hanging smiling Mona Lisa
is bringing you just closer by
Do love me do, much as you can do love me do
And even though this letter ends soon
my need for you will never end
just like the birds return to wires
and bums who roving cannot fend
I want you here to light my fire
to tell me all of your sweet lies
like mother earth in your arms take me
like shining light once more disguise

Tags: Греческая песня
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