Плакучая ива (пляска смерти)

Weeping Willow
Wintertime has spread its blanket on us
It's you and me again, as we lay down to rest
You put down your flowers and so have I

But it's not the first nor the last goodbye

Another year, another scar
That leaves its trace on who we are
Hang down your branches and soflty sway
While the wind carries all of our sins away

But when the leaves go green, with the coming of spring
We'll laugh and forget everything
And we'll drink and dance, dream about romance
Until winter creeps in again

You will survive me, of that I'm sure
And face many more winters to endure
But if you would let me I will lay down and sleep
And listen to the cry of your lonesome weeping

Willow don't refrain, don't let go
Plant your roots deep inside me, flourish and grow
And then when it's time, cast your blossom away
Let it fall down upon me, in my grave
Tags: Песня
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