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роза красная морда большая



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Гомерическая, непроходимая дура участвовала и участвует в управлении народом Америки
роза красная морда большая
Пелоси призывает считать оскорблением для студентов  и сексуально неправомерным поведением
изменения в идиотских правилах кампусов, которые были введены во времена правления лопоухого

The New York Times reported Thursday that Education Secretary Betsy Devos will be making changes to the Obama-era rules that would increase protections for those accused of sexual misconduct and raise the legal bar for proving a school mishandled complaints.

Pelosi framed the move as “yet another chapter in the anti-student, anti-women and anti-equality agenda of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.”

“The reported plan to roll back critical protections, increase the burden of proof and create extraordinary new barriers to justice for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses is an insult to students,” she said.

“Campus sexual assault is an epidemic in America,” Pelosi claimed, “with one in four women experiencing sexual abuse on college campuses. Seven years ago, the Obama Administration had the courage to say ‘Enough is enough,’ and took historic steps to ensure that every student feels safe at school.”


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Особо вставило "increase the burden of proof"- черт возьми, доказывать придется. Конечно, это "нарушение прав"!

Сейчас демократа можно легко узнать по непроходимой роже

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